Why do Melbourne Property Valuation transactions have a burning need for settlement agents?

A property settlement agent in Perth acts in the best interests of buyers or sellers of a real estate property. When someone wants to buy or sell any residential, industrial, retail, rural or commercial property the settlement agent manages to arrange land transfers, liaison with financing institutions for discharges and mortgages. They also adjust taxes-rates, intimate the local authorities about the change of the title of a Melbourne Property Valuation, verify and vet all the documentation, attend to disbursement of funds and settlement.

The settlement agents also offer additional services such as preparing stamp documents at the State Revenue Department, searching and document registration at Landgate, applying to avail afresh Certificates of Title owing to subdivision or lost titles. Applications for updating name on Certificate of Title e.g. after marriage, applications for personal representative i.e. executors of probate, preparing the power of attorney, preparing transfers of land, stamping and attending to registration at Landgate for matrimonial, etc.

Settlement agents also assist in preparing survey strata plans, subdivision applications, family transfers, change of names, managing deceased estates, titles office searches, and family court order transfers. In simple words, a Melbourne Property Valuation buy-sell transaction is not perfect without a settlement agent managing it.  They usually perform settlement activities for a residential, vacant land, commercial or even for first home buyers. They help such customers for applications like subdivisions, strata plans, survey-strata, survivorship, and change of names or addresses.

Melbourne Property Valuation

Settlement agents also provide property transfer services for adding a spouse, during partner separation, following a divorce, or pursuant to a Court Order. First home buyers often feel worried and lost since they purchase for the first time but with the services of a licensed settlement agent, they get due attention and assistance in all aspects of the transaction. Such novice home buyers generally receive guidance in filling the Home Buyers Assistance Fund Application meant to help them at the time when they purchase an established or moderately constructed home via a licensed real estate agent, after the settlement. 

Such a grant is basically meant to cope up with costs such as government registration, stamp duty, transfer fees, settlement fees, mortgage insurance, bank fees & charges, and valuation & inspection charges. This grant is of up to $2,000 whereas the maximum purchase price approved under the scheme is of $400,000 to be qualified. So it is by now an agreeable fact that availing or not the services of a licensed settlement agent can be a difference between success and failure of your property settlement.

Nicholas Murphy