HNBAA 2014 Interclub Weekend Review

HNBAA 2014 Interclub Weekend Review

HNBAA 2014 Interclub Weekend Review

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This years Interclub was a great success.

With 48 anglers from 4 clubs making up 24 teams. We enjoyed great weather over the whole weekend, with a little bit of rain on Fridaynight. Fishing was hard for some, but when you cracked the conditions secrets you were able to gather some great fish.

Majority of the larger fish caught this year were Estuary Perch. However the horse of the event was a 720mm Carp, which took out the biggest other species. I’m sure this would have fought like a steam train on our light bass fishing gear.

Fish caught information

Bass/Estuary Perch caught and released = 250
Flathead caught and released = 9
Bream caught and released = 1
Herrings caught and released = 3
Carp caught and killed = 1@720mm

Saturday night raffle was a success, with some very nice prizes being donated from our great sponsors. Money collected from this raffle are key to helping our club survive. Thank you to all who purchased tickets.

Special thanks to this years Interclub sponsors

  • Australian Bass Angler
  • Dreamfish Lures
  • Amazon Outdoors
  • Penrith Marine
  • Compleat Angler North Rocks
  • The Australian Tackle Company
  • Rays Outdoors

Club Results

Congratulations to the WSBB for taking out the Club results this year.
Results show how much of a team effort it took to achieve these results.

HNBAA came in 2nd followed by Southern Bass and Saint George.

Team Results

HNBAA team Thumper was able to take out the 1st place in the Teams results, followed closely by WSBB team’s Chilli Lures, Loafing and DJ.

Individual Results

  • Best Adult Male Angler = Gavin Proudford
  • Best Adult Female Angler = Dianne Ellis
  • Biggist Fish = Mark McGregor (Estuary Perch @ 460mm)
  • Biggist Fish on Fly = Ray Ellis (Bass @ 325mm)
  • Biggest other species = Josh Edmonds (Carp @ 720mm)
  • Best Junior Male Angler = Mitchell Clarke
  • Best Junior Female Angler = Calista Vacopoulos
  • Best Sub-Junior Male Angler = Joel Vacopoulos
  • Best Sub-Junior Female Angler = Ella Noordermeer

HNBAA tries to ensure the accuracy of all information is correct. If you find an error or woud like to comment on anything we post please contact

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